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I’m a product leader with 15+ years of professional design experience. By practising UX+UI design and product management, I’m able to analyse problems holistically and take solutions from idea to market.

  1. What

    I help startups succeed by making software clearer, easier to use, and more effective. Often with small UI innovations that end up having a big impact on user experience.

  2. How

    My expertise lies in improving business logic and user interfaces based on qualitative and quantitative research. However, my superpower is 360˚ understanding. I know how to drive growth, shorten time to market by flexing implementation complexity, and shape products strategically by testing hypotheses with each release cycle.

  3. Why

    The work I produce might not win you awards, but it has a track record of drastically improving KPIs and delivering commercial results for several prominent companies.

Case studies


"Natan is without question one of the best design and product specialists in the space. Plenty of out of the box thinking, beautifully executed. A full 360-degree lens and understanding to ensure all advisory and deliverables fit with the current activities and direction of the business. I would recommend Natan in a heartbeat and look forward to working with him again in the future."" — Jozef Wallis, Entrepreneur, speaker, investor


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  1. Industries

    Creative tech






  2. Product management areas

    Creative authoring

    Video production

    Digital publishing

    Digital advertising

    Digital media



    Business logic and workflows

  3. Applications

    Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

    iOS apps

    iPadOS apps

Articles & Essays

  1. 2019

    Going a:b

    Tech experts use the image of skateboard, bicycle, motorcycle, car progression to illustrate the idea of a minimum viable product. Not once did I hear someone point out that it is historically backwards. Why not?

  2. 2017

    Why User Experience Keeps Getting Scrolled Over By Ad Tech

    The research report by The Coalition for Better Ads raised a lot of dust and inconvenient questions. Especially when rumours were confirmed that Google is implementing ad-filter into Chrome based on the research findings.

  3. 2015

    Format Follows Function: Shaping the Next Generation of Display Ads

    It’s no secret that desktop banner ads have never completely met the needs of brand advertising. On mobile’s smaller screens, the failings of unit size and aspect ratio even further exacerbated.

  4. 2012

    Control + Shift + Create

    This is an extended article containing content from a workshop about creativity on the web which I held on 29 March 2012 at Slovenian Advertising Festival.

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I currently work as an independent product design consultant. For more information about services and how we can work together, please see about:blank studio.